Now Homed

I am VERY happy

in my NEW home

with my

  new Mum/Dad Cheryl and Daniel and the boys xx

Dear Pauline,

It was such a pleasure to meet you and Mr Crawshaw on Saturday.

We are so happy with ‘Claude’ (the children named him). He is absolutely lovely and slowly overcoming his worries. You can see, he is sitting on our laps for a cuddle inside his ‘safe’ room in the house and has been exploring a bit more. He is still quite nervous, understandably, but he has such a good natured cat we are all thrilled.

Sending you and your family, our very best wishes,

Helen, Corin, Hector and Morris

Hi Pauline

Back in December 2018 you were kind enough to give me some advice regarding an unhappy cat I had bought/adopted .... well I thought you might like to see an update 😊

Killer aggressive cat gone still very nervous of people he does not know but overall a very happy content vocal cat 😊👍🏻😊

Thanks for the advice


Hi Pauline hope you are well.

Just thought I would send you some pictures

of these 2 while they were doing what they

were helping me clear out to decorate

(decorating once in 25 years is enough for anyone)

We have had Violet nearly 12 months now

and she is such a good girl.

Rufus hasn't lost any weight despite being very active,

although he could do to shed a few pounds!

He loves his food and anyone else's for that matter.


I'm so grateful to you

and admire the work you do

as are these two.

Sending lots of love

Karen from Huddersfield

Hi Pauline

Just wanted to wish you

a Merry Christmas

from Nikki and all of us.

Just to say thank you

for letting us adopt Nikki

she has settled in well

and Spike is really happy

with his new friend

Merry Christmas

Sue Codsall South Staffs

Hi Pauline

Just to let you know we arrived home safely,

  Ollie slept for most of the journey after some initial unsettlement.

He spent an hour exploring the house, purring all the way around.

He’s already used his litter, eaten some food and lapped up some water.

He spent a good half hour racing up the stairs and along the landing at 300mph :-)

We’ve been playing with him and his toys this evening,

  he loves some of the teaser toys we have here.

He’s completely adorable and we are delighted to have him in our care.

Thank you for allowing us to home him :)

We will register the Royal Canin rescue partnership packs tomorrow.

Here’s a couple of photo’s

All the best


Hi Pauline

Yes he has settled in really well.

After yesterdays excitement, he spent most of today purring himself to sleep :)

He’s such a wonderful little character,

and has completed our family again after our loss.

I can see why anyone would become really attached to him,

he’s just so affectionate, playful and friendly.

We are looking now into the PetPlan insurance.

We’ve found and bought some of the spray you recommended.

Couple more photo’s from today.

Thank you :)

The Simpsons

Hi Pauline,

Rufus is doing extremely well as you can see from the picture. He is enjoying all the attention of being an only cat

since we sadly lost Violet.

His reckless, adventurous nature has calmed

since he first arrived, having learnt some

valuable "health  and safety" lessons.

One of which was a non serious brush

with a car (non serious for Rufus,

the neighbours car still bears the scratches

from scraping the wall to avoid him!)

He now enjoys a stroll round to my parents next door,

through the gardens rather than along the drive.

He is the most affectionate Siamese

we have ever had and also the largest,

taking up all of the sofa on an evening.

He is such a character we love him to bit

s and can only thank you again for matching us up.

Sent with all our love and thanks

Karen Charles and Rufus.

Just to let you know Jack is really starting

to come out of his shell, he's rubbing, purring & kneading! He was a bit upset last night, lots of crying & hiding

but we've kept him in one room & spent the day

talking to him & it seems to have helped.

We're really chuffed with Jack,

he has so much character & love to give

& we're very grateful to have found him

through your hard work.

We'll try to keep you updated,

Take care

Deb, Matt & Jack

Hi Pauline,

just letting you know how Bala is doing.

She's great now (apart from being potty)

she's getting on great with samutra and the dogs. She now sits on my knee and lets me stroke her,

I can't pick her up yet but I am so pleased

with her progress I can't tell you.

Thanks so much for letting us adopt her.

I will be looking for a boy to join our family eventually, but I want her settled properly

before I bring another one home.

Thanks again Jeanette

Babe relaxing in her new heated bed


Hi Pauline

Lovely to talk to you again today! Here are some pics of Selena and Serafina as promised. As you can see, they are the best of friends and are beautiful, happy girls, really living their best lives!


Zoe and Dale x