For Adoption




If you wish to adopt a cat from us you

must produce a letter from your

 vets confirming  you are a responsible owner.

This is in place of home-checks.

All cats are spayed/neutered,

 microchipped and vaccinated.

The cats are NOT free,

 there is a Donation requirement


and if we have ANY KITTENS in our care

we would appreciate a little more

 to reimburse the Fund.

 This is NOT  refundable.

We are OPEN from:

  9am to 5pm Monday - Friday

 9am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday

Please remember to

 View our Wishlist page

 as donations are

gratefully received

 Thank You.

The Following Cats are AVAILABLE 

for NEW homes:

Siamese Female

3 Years Old Approx

I am seeking my New FOREVER home 


  Oriental Tabby Female 

 approx 2 years old

 I am looking for my forever home


 Tabby Point Siamese Male

6 years approx

 I am looking for my forever home 

Siamese Female

2 Years Approx

I am seeking my New Forever Loving home

Quite often we receive other breeds of cats  that come

into the Rescue with a Siamese/Oriental - obviously they

ARE IN NEED .. so we cannot turn them away.


 To be Updated

Do YOU think YOU can help love one of these poor cats?

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