For Adoption






If you wish to adopt a cat from us you

must produce a letter from your

vets confirming you are a responsible owner.


This is in place of home-checks.


All cats are spayed/neutered,

microchipped and vaccinated.


The cats are NOT free,

there is a Donation requirement


and if we have ANY KITTENS in our care

we would appreciate a little more

to reimburse the Fund.


This is NOT refundable.



We are OPEN from:

9am to 5pm Monday - Friday

9am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday.


We will be CLOSED from 10th December 2018

until 10th January 2019

Please remember to

View our Wishlist page

as donations are

gratefully received

Thank You.

The Following Cats are AVAILABLE

for NEW homes:


Siamese Female

I am Available


Siamese female

I am Available

Quite often we receive other breeds of cats that come

into the Rescue with a Siamese/Oriental - obviously they

ARE IN NEED .. so we cannot turn them away.


To be Updated!

Do YOU think YOU can help love one of these poor cats?

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